Certification Exams

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The IICL Container and Chassis Inspector's Certification Examinations are held once a year around the world in over 70 test centers. While self study of selected manuals and technical bulletins are required, the IICL also offers training classes that can supplement the student's industry knowledge and assist in preparation for the exams. The inspection examination program was developed by the IICL to further promote important industry wide matters of proper inspection, repair, maintenance and operational issues. The exam tests the students understanding of the technical aspects and the complexities of maintaining and operating various equipment types.

Individuals who pass either of the IICL inspection examinations will have an industry-recognized level of competency. This competency can be used as a foundation for continuing their education process in the industry with the potential for them to move on to more specialized industry related issues. The certification is valid for five years after which an inspector must pass the examination to become re-certified.


Date (2016) Event Location More Information
15 October 2016 Container Inspector Certification Examination Worldwide Click here
15 October 2016 Chassis Inspector Certification Examination Worldwide Click here

2016 IICL Inspector Certification Exam Passing Scores