2018 Container Inspector's Examination (Worldwide)

Spring Session 14 April – 6 May
Fall Session 13 October – 28 October

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Container Inspector's Test Information Bulletin & Forms:

  1. SPRING Test Information Bulletin (11 pages) Required for each candidate.
    Container Inspector's Test candidates must download and read this bulletin. This document may take several minutes to download because of graphics.

  2. Online Registration
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  3. Scholarship Form

  4. Order Publications Online The container examination is based on Five (5) IICL publications (PRODUCT CODE# 1198 in the IICL STORE), the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Guide, Technical Bulletins 002 & 013. If you own these publications, make sure that your publications are the latest editions.

For additional information please contact: info@iicl.org

Registration Deadlines and Fees:

SPRING EARLY REGISTRATION: Until 4 May 2018 US $400.00
FALL LATE REGISTRATION: 1 April – 26 October 2018 US $475.00
Refund policies and cancellation schedule for the early, regular and late registration periods are listed on page 3 of the Spring Container Inspector's Examination Test Information Bulletin No refunds after
12 April 2018

Container Inspector's Test Background Information

The IICL Container Inspector's Certification Examination is held once a year around the world in over 69 test centers. No preparatory classes or courses are available from IICL; self-study is required. The 2-1/2 hour computer-based Container Inspector's Examination (in English only) will consist of 100 multiple choice questions based on the IICL guides, manuals and Technical Bulletins listed in the Container Examination Test Information Bulletin (also in English only).

All candidates who pass the exam receive an IICL certificate. The certification is valid for five years, after which, an inspector must pass the exam again to become re-certified. Certified inspectors are listed in the IICL Inspection Directory, which is updated annually. The Directory also includes companies that employ IICL-certified inspectors, and features professional advertisement listings by depot/repair and surveying companies. The Directory is distributed to major ship lines, leasing companies, and others on a worldwide basis.

The IICL has developed the Container Inspection Examination program to further promote important industry wide matters of proper inspection, repair, maintenance and operational issues. The exam, which is based upon various IICL manuals, allows the student to understand technical aspects and the complexities of maintaining and operating various equipment types. In preparing for the exam the applicant will be asked to study study Five (5) IICL publications and the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Guide, and Technical Bulletins 002 & 013 which is the bases for all questions contained in the exam. Individuals who pass the IICL container inspection examination will have a sound foundation for continuing their education in the container industry and allow them to move on to more specialized industry related issues.

More than 3,700 container inspectors, in 69 countries, are currently certified by IICL, and more than 1,200 companies and company branches employ IICL-certified container inspectors.

Downloading Instructions for Examination Bulletin and Forms

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