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August 28, 2001
Over 500 Register Early for IICL Examinations;
New Test Centers in Latin America, Russion & Tasmania

More than 500 people signed up for the November 10, 2001 IICL Inspector’s Examinations over the summer. With 2001 deadlines on September 14th for regular registration and September 28th for late registration, IICL continues to receive applications and inquiries from candidates from around the world. In response to demand, IICL has for the first time added test centers in Valencia, Venezuela; San Jose, Costa Rica; Hobart, Tasmania; and St. Petersburg, Russia. Other special centers include Cairo, Seville, Guayaquil, Harare, Guatemala City and others.

"The record registration numbers this early in the season combined with the many requests for new testing locations continues to demonstrate that the IICL Examination Program fills an important need for training and expertise in the container and chassis industries," stated Mr. White. "With a pilot program for computer-based testing underway, IICL hopes to further address this need by offering its examinations more frequently and in more locations. Computer testing is part of a series of on-going continuing education projects that IICL has undertaken to benefit the industry."

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June 21, 2001
Refined IICL Cleaning Guide Saves Millions

Preliminary surveys conducted recently by IICL member companies have revealed an average reduction in container-cleaning costs of 19% for dry van and 40% for open-top containers between the first quarters of 2000 and 2001. This cost savings can be ascribed to the implementation of IICL's General Guide for Container Cleaning (Second Edition) in Summer 2000. While the figures are preliminary, major depots with whom IICL members consulted generally confirm the strength of the savings.

Henry F. White, Jr., IICL President stated, "The studies confirm that IICL's on-going, independent initiatives are enhancing the value of the leasing option for customers through cost reductions. All of the IICL members should be congratulated for this remarkable collaboration that produced cost savings for customers. Once again, the leasing industry's desire to develop greater efficiencies in container management has been demonstrated."

"The large sampling in just these few months revealed a significant savings for the shipping lines of over $1,000,000 for dry vans and over $90,000 for open-tops," commented IICL's Director of Technical Services Gary Danback, who coordinated the studies with Tony Sowry, Vice President, Operations, Textainer Equipment Management.

This development is the latest in a series of IICL Technology Committee efforts, such as the standardized floorboard design (click here for original article on floorboard design), the joint IICL-IANA Chassis Inspection Guide and others. IICL's floorboard initiative is reported to have had a major impact on the container industry by reducing the number of boards manufactured and kept in stock both for new builds and repairs. The Chassis Guide is aimed at promoting compliance with U.S. highway regulations and improving safety on U.S. roads.

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June 14, 2001
IICL Elects New Chairman

Hugh Fehrenbach, President of Carlisle Leasing International, was elected Chairman of the Board at the recent annual meeting of the IICL Board of Directors. Mr. Fehrenbach takes over from outgoing Chairman Dennis J. Tietz, CEO of the Cronos Group.

Mr. Fehrenbach has headed Carlisle Leasing since 1996, having joined as Vice President at its inception in 1993. He has over 25 years experience in the industry, having held senior positions with container leasing companies as well as refrigeration equipment manufacturers. Prior to joining Carlisle, Mr. Fehrenbach served as Regional Sales Manager, U.S. West Coast, for the Container Division of Carrier Transicold Company (1990-1993); as an independent manufacturer's representative (1987-1990); and for Flexi-Van Leasing, serving as Vice President Asia Pacific (1985-1987), Vice President Technical Services (1983-1985) and Vice President Refrigerated Services (1979-1983). Mr. Fehrenbach obtained his B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.

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April 18, 2001
IICL Gives Reefer Courses in Shanghai and Miami

IICL gave two courses on refrigerated container inspection and repair, one in Shanghai, China on March 26 – 28 and the other in Miami, Florida on April 9 – 11. This is the first time that IICL has offered two separate sessions of its popular annual course in one year.

The Shanghai course was held at Donghwa Container Transportation Service Co. Students came from China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, U.A.E. and Vietnam. Instruction took place in Donghwa's recently remodeled modern classroom and outside in the yard where students viewed practical demonstrations of subjects as they were covered, including repairs in progress at various stages of completion, inspections of damaged reefers, PTIs and foaming. Carrier and Thermo-King offered presentations on their most current equipment and answered the many questions presented to them by the students. On the third day of the course, students visited Shanghai CIMC Reefer Containers factory to study construction of new equipment with the primary focus of viewing the foaming process. The course concluded with a dinner at which students were presented certificates of attendance.

The faculty for the Shanghai course consisted of IICL experts Jerman Lau of Florens, Colin Jacobs of Cronos, Albert To of Transamerica and Gary Danback, IICL Director of Technical Services and Course Coordinator, as well as Goh Ah Huat and Steven Leng of Carrier Transicold and David Forsmark of Thermo-King.

The Miami course, held at the Southeastern Trailer and Container Repairs depot, drew students from the U.S., Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Mexico and Venezuela. Like the Shanghai course, topics covered included inspection criteria, repair methods, CFC conversions and other topics. Instructors were John Colabello of Carlisle, Lew Vitalis of Transamerica and Gary Danback, assisted by Mark Donahoe and Peter Kang of Carrier Transicold and Edwin Cardono of Thermo-King. Students were presented certificates of attendance at a farewell luncheon.

Click here to tell IICL your location preferences for 2002 Refrigerated Container Courses.

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April 3, 2001
Joint Petition to FMCSA on Conspicuity

On Friday, March 30th, The Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association ("OCEMA"), the Intermodal Association of North America ("IANA"), the Institute of International Container Lessors ("IICL"), and the Association of American Railroads ("AAR"), collectively representing hundreds of companies owning or operating intermodal equipment ("the Associations"), petitioned the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for a one-year extension of a deadline in which to complete the retrofit of certain intermodal trailers and semitrailers (including chassis) with reflective materials.

In 1999, the FHWA, FMCSA's predecessor agency, issued regulations calling for the retrofit of all trailers and chassis manufactured before December 1, 1993 with reflective material, in addition to mandatory, existing lighting, by June 1, 2001. Of the approximately 430,000 intermodal trailers and chassis governed by these regulations, more than 80% of which are owned or operated by the Associations, over 55% or approximately 237,000 will be retrofitted by the June 1, 2001 deadline.

The Associations realize that despite the industry's best efforts, a failure to achieve this goal by the June 1st> deadline will render this equipment potentially unavailable for use. The resulting shortage of equipment could lead to congestion and gridlock at U. S. ports, rail terminals, and inland facilities just as the peak shipping season accelerates.

Hank White, President of the IICL, one of the associations filing the petition, commented, "When the retro-reflectivity regulation was issued, some industry commentators predicted that a five (5) year period would be required to complete the mandated retrofits. Since 1999, an unprecedented growth in trade has kept this equipment in almost constant use, making it very difficult to capture for retrofit. Under the circumstances, completing this task in three (3) years will be a major and noteworthy achievement." Asked whether the extension would have an impact on highway safety, IANA President Joni Casey replied, "The extension is consistent with not only the FMCSA goals but also all of those who promote highway safety. The number of trailers and chassis covered by this request is a relatively small portion of the total number of chassis and trailers in active use in the United States, which in any event are primarily used for short hauls in port areas. In our view, highway and port congestion and gridlock would raise a greater safety hazard."

For more information, contact any of the co-petitioners.

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March 6, 2001

Over 350 Inspectors Pass 2000 Tests

Inspectors from 33 nations around the world passed IICL's latest round of testing in November 2000. The Asian Pacific rim accounted for the largest number or 43% of the total, with the Indian Ocean and Australia-New Zealand regions adding approximately 10% each. With special test centers for the 2000 test in Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Guayaquil, the percentage of passing candidates from Latin America jumped from 13% of all candidates last year to almost 18%. The USA and Canada accounted for 10%, with Europe and the African / Middle Eastern area totaling 5% each.

The countries with the highest passing rates were Peru, where all 7 test takers passed the exam; Italy, where 11 out of 12 received a passing score; South Africa and Sri Lanka, where 5 out of 6 candidates passed; and mainland China, where 89% of inspectors sitting for the test in Shanghai passed (up from 88% last year). Inspectors sitting for recertification, who comprised nearly a third of all candidates, also passed at a rate of 89%.

Nearly a quarter of passing candidates are employees of shipping companies, including lines such as P&O Nedlloyd, Maersk Sealand, NYK, APL/NOL, COSCO, Hanjin, MSC, Hamburg Sud, Safmarine, CMA/CGM, Americana Ships (formerly Mexican Line) and others. A little over half the candidates came from container depots, with the remainder reporting their employers as surveying companies, lessors or other organizations, such as military units.

All the newly-certified inspectors are now listed in the 2001 Inspection Directory, click here to go to the directory or use the navigation bar at left or bottom.

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February 25, 2001

IICL Directory Goes On-Line

The latest IICL publication to go on-line is the 2001 Inspection Directory listing more than 2200 IICL-certified container and chassis inspectors and over 800 companies that employ them. The Directory has been posted in a new and easy-to-use format that allows browsers to click into any country to view inspectors and companies listed for that country. Included are 65 nations on all continents with the exception of Antartica -- testimony to the widespread diffusion of IICL criteria and technical information around the globe.

Featured in the Directory's company listings are "Company Profiles", professional advertisement listings providing information on repair depots and surveying companies such as services offered and areas serviced, size of facility and equipment available (for depots), computer systems, number of IICL inspectors, other management services offered (surveying companies), etc. For information on placing a professional advertisement listing in the on-line Directory, click on the instructions on the Directory contents page on IICL's website.

The inspectors listed in the Directory obtained IICL certification by passing the IICL worldwide Container or U.S. Chassis Inspector's Examinations within the past five years.

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February 22, 2001
Three Win IICL Inspector Awards

The 2001 IICL Container Inspectors' Awards have gone to three inspectors, two from China and one working in the United Arab Emirates. The awards are given to the candidate(s) scoring highest on the IICL Container Inspector's Examination held the previous fall.

Sharing the prize for achieving the top score on the Container Inspector's Examination among 550 candidates worldwide are Ramanathan Dhandayuthapani, a native of India currently working in the United Arab Emirates, and Hou Ying Chen and Sheng Qing of China.

Mr. Ramanathan Dhandayuthapani is employed by Middle East Container Repair Company (MECRC) of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he is a member of the Inspection Team at the company’s newly opened container workshop in Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. A native of India, 28-year old Mr. Dhandayuthapani joined MECRC in 1992 as a Trainee Container Inspector. Obtaining a First Class Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1990, he was first certified by IICL in 1995. The General Manager of MECRC, John Ash, writes, "I was personally delighted that a member of the company should win such an award, especially as it's only been awarded to 40 people in the 16 years since 1985!"

Mr. Hou Ying Chun has worked for Shanghai Singamas Container Transportation Co., Ltd. for the past three years as M&R Director for dry van and reefer containers. Born in 1976, Mr. Hou majored in Business Administration at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. He describes his family as "not rich, but happy, with retired mother and father and a lovely sister in University."

Mr. Sheng Qing, who has worked in the container industry for more than seven years, has been responsible for container inspection, repair and management at the joint-venture company Shanghai Hero International Container Repair and Store for six years. Previously, he worked at Donghai Shipping Yard and the Bao Yang Depot. A 1985 graduate of the Shanghai Agricultural and Science Institute, where he won the Science Development Prize, Mr. Sheng also obtained a degree in 1992 from the Shanghai Foreign Language University. Like Mr. Dhandayuthapani, Mr. Sheng is a recertified IICL inspector, having first passed the IICL examination in 1995. "When I heard from you," Mr. Sheng wrote us, "I felt I was the happiest man in the world!"

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February 12, 2001

IICL's Second Reefer Course of 2001

IICL has scheduled its second reefer course of 2001 for April 9-11 in Miami, Florida. This is the first year that the Institute has offered its popular reefer course twice in one year. The first session is slated for Shanghai, China, on March 26 – 28th.

"Increasing trade in the Western Hemisphere demands training in shipping-related areas," Henry F. White, Jr. , IICL President stated. "Refrigerated containers are now a major factor in inter-American cargo, and proper maintenance in good condition is key to enhancing this trade. IICL's course in Chile last year was fully booked, indicating a demand for the same training in the US, Caribbean and Central American regions."

The faculty will consist of IICL reefer experts Lew Vitalis of Transamerica Leasing Inc., John Colabello of Carlisle Leasing International and Gary Danback, Course Coordinator and Director, Technical Services for IICL.

Additional guest speakers will be announced.

Previous IICL reefer courses have been held in Chile, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, the U.S.

Complete information on the courses is listed on this website.

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