Digital Manuals

Welcome to the IICL digital editions of manuals. Before you purchase any digital manual, it is important to note:

The digital files are secured by “Locklizard”, a  proprietary application. 

  • Files are only accessible upon receiving and installing an IICL-Locklizard license on a device (phone or computer or tablet).
  • If you already have a license on one device and want to buy additional manuals for that device, the original license will be updated to include additional purchases. 
  • For a new device you will need to purchase and receive a new license.
  • Files do not allow printing. 
  • Files do not allow screen copying. 
  • Files may be disabled by the IICL because of improper use or attempt to bypass security.

All files are copyright protected.

If you would like to access a manual on more than one device, you will need to buy additional licenses.

Once you purchase a manual you will receive an email from Locklizard with step-by-step instructions on how to install the license on your chosen device. It is important that you follow instructions step by step. Repeat if necessary.

You will also receive an email and a link to the secured file(s) you purchased. Please proceed to download the file(s).

For questions or support, please send an email to

Available Manuals/Pricing

The following manuals are available in digital format at the price listed below:

  • Guide for Container Equip. Inspection, 6th Ed. - $23
  • Repair Manual for Steel Freight Containers, 5th Ed. - $23
  • Supp. on Inspection & Repair: Gray Areas, 2nd ed. - $12
  • General Guide for Container Cleaning, 3rd Ed. - $18
  • Guide for Open Top Container Equipment Inspection - $23
  • Guide for Palletwide Inspection and Repairs Standards - $12
  • Guide for Flatrack Container Inspection - $18
  • Guide for Flatrack Container Repair - $20
  • General Guide for Refrigerated Container Inspection & Repair, 4th Ed. - $30
  • Guide for GENSETS Inspection and Repair Standards - $19
  • Container Chassis Inspection & Maintenance, 4th Ed. - $27


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