Dry Van Technical Bulletins — as of June 2019

Note: Obsolete documents have been archived and no longer shown on this page.

  • IICL TB 018, June 27, 2019
    Title: Equipment misuse clarification and warning.
  • IICL TB 017, March 6, 2019
    Title: Fork-lift pocket strap tolerance – clarification.
  • IICL TB 016, 11 January 2019
    Title: Roof measurement of outwards deformations - amendment.
  • IICL TB-001 (Revision 3), 2 January 2019
    Title: Performance Standard For New and Unused Structural Container Floor Panels To Be Installed In International Freight Containers
  • IICL TB 015, 29 June 2018
    Title: Corner Fittings Inspection Criteria
  • IICL TB 014, 1 July 2017
    Title: International Maritime Organization (IMO) CSC/ACEP Information Paper
  • IICL TB 013, 1 July 2016
    Title: IICL 6 Inspection Criteria for Dry Van Containers
  • IICL TB 011 April 2013
    Title: Floor Coating as an IICL Repair Method
    Reference: This TB addresses the Use of Coatings as a Floor Repair Method
  • IICL TB 012 - April 2013
    Title: Front Corner Post Insert Repairs — 45' Pallet Wide Containers, 45' CPC
    Reference: The IICL is issuing repair criteria for 45' pallet wide and 45' CPC containers. The unique design of the 45? PW/CPC front corner post and damage possibilities requires specific repair criteria for corner post insert repairs.
  • IICL TB 008 February 2011
    Title: Repair Manual - Materials Used For Repair.
    In review of the IICL repair manual for steel freight containers it has been brought to our attention that issues involving the quality and types of materials used in various repairs needs further clarification
  • IICL TB 007 5 April 2012
    Title: Limitations on Crossmember Repairs.
    This technical bulletin was developed to address the issue of weld cracking in members (crossmembers / forklift pocket side walls) and issue a revised repair policy.
  • IICL TB 006, 1 March 2008
    Title: "Floor Quality Assurance Program Audit Form"
    This technical bulletin offers the industry an audit form which the IICL uses when auditing plywood floor manufacturing facilities around the world. A scoring system has been added to this revised form.

    The bulletin was developed by IICL member company's Textainer Equipment Management and Triton Container International under the direction of the IICL Technology Committee.

  • IICLTB 004, 1 Nov 2006
    Title: "Revised Dowel Repair in Container Floors"
    The IICL has revised the repair criteria for container floors effective November 1, 2006.
  • IICL TB 003, 1 May 2005
    Title: "Finger Cracking in Plywood Floor Boards"
    This technical bulletin offers the inspector four simple rules to determine the extent of potential damage to the interior ply layers of a board. Should none of these situations be present then the board should not be replaced.
  • IICL TB 002, 1 February 2003
    Title: "Electronic Data Interchange Standards (EDIS)"
    Offers the industry EDI message formats, IICL preferred estimate coding and general information regarding the use of EDI standards.
  • IICL TB S2, June 2000
    Title: "Appendix E: Surface Preparation and Painting: An Addendum to the Repair Manual for Steel Freight Containers" (Fifth Edition) - (17 pages)
    This technical bulletin is included in the Repair Manual for Steel Freight Containers, 5th ed., purchased after June 2000.