IICL Director Technical Services Transition

22 May 2018

Washington, DC — The Institute of International Container Lessors’ (IICL) President, Steven Blust, announced that Gary Danback, the IICL’s long-time Director of Technical Services will be retiring on 31 May 2018, and will be succeeded by Luiz Gonçalves who joins the IICL from the container and chassis leasing industry.

Mr. Danback, with a lifelong career in international transportation, joined the IICL in 2000 as the IICL Director Technical Services. Gary has been instrumental in the roll out of the IICL’s globally recognized container and chassis manuals, courses and inspector certification exams. His industry expertise has been sought after and shared with global and regional institutions such as the International Maritime Organization, International Standards Organization, World Shipping Council, ICHCA International, Intermodal Association of North America, and the National Portable Storage Association.

“On behalf of the IICL’s Board of Directors and staff, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Gary for his leadership during last 18 years of dedicated service to the IICL Members and the international container transportation industry” said Blust, “Gary has been able to share his expertise and experience with countless individuals around the world with a lasting positive impact on the container and chassis leasing industry. We offer our best wishes to Gary, his wife Barbara and the rest of the family for a happy retirement.”

“I am, and will always be, extremely grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the IICL and its member companies to serve our association and the worldwide container industry over these past 18 years” said Mr. Danback.  “I am proud of what we’ve accomplished as a community during my time with the IICL and wish everyone continued success, especially Mr. Gonçalves, my successor.”

Mr. Gonçalves comes to the IICL to continue a career in the international transportation industry, with career origins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is dedicated to improving container and chassis quality and serviceability, having worked with Unicon as Executive Vice President Global Operations and with Florens Leasing as Vice President, Technical Operations. Mr. Gonçalves was most recently with Seaco Global providing technical training, support and supervision of container depot activities. Luiz brings extensive experience, ideas and energy to the industry.

“On behalf of the IICL’s Board of Directors and its Technology Committee, I would like to welcome Mr. Gonçalves back to the IICL in a new role. Luiz has a long-standing involvement with the IICL” said Blust, “having served on the IICL’s Technology Committee (TC) from 2001 to 2015 and leading the TC as its Chair 2006-2007.”  Mr. Gonçalves also served as a Director of the Container Owners Association 2005-2015. Blust also remarked that “Luiz was instrumental in the development of the current harmonized dry container in spection standard that can be found in the IICL’s Guide for Container Equipment Inspection, 6th edition (IICL 6). We look forward to his active involvement and expertise in supporting the IICL members and international container transportation industry through the promotion and implementation and support of IICL industry standards, best practices, education and advocacy.”

“I am very happy to join the IICL and once again be able to participate and contribute to the development of the container industry at the global level” said Mr. Gonçalves. “We are facing challenging and exciting times ahead of us and the IICL role in the industry has been fundamental to create and implement standards including the training and educational aspects involved. I look forward to working close to our members and the overall industry “

About the IICL

Organized in 1971, the IICL is a trade association, representing lessors of maritime containers and intermodal chassis. Its member companies, Beacon, CAI, Direct ChassisLink, FlexiVan, SeaCube, Textainer, TOUAX, TRAC Intermodal, and Triton International Limited, own or manage a significant portion of the global leased container and U.S. chassis fleets.

The IICL is active in educational, technological, safety, environmental, governmental, regulatory, and security issues. Complementing its widely accepted industry standards and best practices, the IICL offers its inspector certification examinations in more than 5,000 locations around the world, supported by publications, tools and courses.

For more information, please contact the IICL via info@iicl.org, or +1 202 223-9800.